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About Maximas


Maximas is a like toy shop. We produce dreams, bring the joy and surprise of innovative technology into your life, just like toys.

Maximas is also a design house. We design and produce only products that inspire a simple yet enjoyable lifestyle.


We are a team of out-of-the-box thinkers who care about design and usability, and are incredibly passionate about building products which truly make a difference in people's lives.

Cooked up in London, put together and developed in Taiwan, we're based in London, Tokyo, New York and Taiwan. We are a multi-cultural fusion team where east meets west, boy meets girl and art meets tech.


In an age of mobility, our passion (and also our obsession) is to build products that help transform your life and maximise your digital experience on the move. All in all, we do our very best to provide a whole new world of user experience with pioneering products that combine cutting-edge technology with exceptional style. Being passionate is deeply rooted in our DNA together with vivid imagination, child-like curiosity, endless fun and wicked sense of humour.

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