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macbook usb-c power bank

The world's first true and fastest

USB-C Power Bank charges your

new MacBook, Chromebook Pixel, Nokia N1 and more!

Premium Li-Ion battery cells add an extra 10400mAh of battery life to your new MacBook, Chromebook Pixel, Nokia N1 tablet and any USB-powered device. Ideal for business and leisure travellers, the extreme gamer, the gadget obsessed, also suitable for outdoor activities like camping, hiking and anyone who has had a device lose power at the most inconvenient time.

Large capacity 10400 mAh premium AAA+ battery cells

usb-c power bank

XTRON can charge 2 MacBooks or a MacBook and an iPad at the same time and, of course, it can also charge 2 iPads simultaneously with no problem whatsoever.

Charge 2 power-hungry devices at once

6 hours

for MacBook

3 times

for iPhone 6s

2 times

for Nexus 6P

xtron usb-c power bank

1 times

for iPad mini 4

usb-c in your palm

XTRON has an ultra-high capacity of 10400 mAh whilst maintaining a lightweight and compact design that fits in the palm of your hand.

Massive power, compact size

First-class smart chipset protection

power bank with japan premium battery cell

XTRON operates with world-class USB Type-C smart-control ICs and charging/discharging chips from Texas Instruments (TI), the same as those found in Apple's new MacBook 2015 offering high integration, optimal stability, consistent performance and greater compatibility.

usb-c power bank high output

XTRON uses FR-4 (Fire Retardant 4) T6135 4-layer PCB (Printed Circuit Board) of 2 oz copper thickness for greater thermal resistance and improved product performance, achieving expected product effectiveness, whilst most other brands only use a 2-layer PCB of 1 oz.

Superior quality on the inside​

Max 3.6A power output fast charging

A maximum output of 3.6A recharges your devices in no time, taking you to a whole new level of high-speed charging.

USB-A port (Output)

LED status indicator

USB-C port (Output)

micro USB port ( Input)

Power button

usb-c port type-c port
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